Zvi Biener

Alfred Posts

  1. Searching BibDesk with Alfred
    06/07/2016   alfredbibdeskacademic tools

    If you use [Alfred](https://www.alfredapp.com/) (see [here](/blog/everything-in-its-place "Alfred Post")) and [BibDesk](https://bibdesk.sourceforge.io/ "Optional Title3") (see [here](blog/bibliographies "Bibdesk Post")), you might find the following useful. The script below uses Alfred's "Workflow" feature. It provides a set of commands to search bibliographical entries directly from Alfred, and execute a variety of actions related to citing, opening PDFs, narrowing searches, etc. Read More
  2. Find Everything with Alfred
    06/06/2016   alfredacademic tools

    Alfred is like Mac's Spotlight on steroids. Its an application launcher, an emailer, an iTunes controller, a weather report, a search tool, and much more. It finds things on your computer, but it also makes *doing* things on your computer much quicker. Read More