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Scrivener Posts

  1. Author's Text vs. Reader's Text, Part 2
    11/21/2015   scriveneracademic tools

    This post is about the feature of Scrivener I use most frequently. It is the ability to separate the author's text from the reader's text on a sentence-by-sentence level. The basic idea is that Scrivener allows you to specify chunks of text as "Annotations" and then control whether those annotations show up in the final, reader's copy. In order to use this... Read More
  2. Author's Text vs. Reader's Text, Part I
    10/27/2015   scriveneracademic tools

    One of the greatest benefits of Scrivener is the ability differentiate between the text the author sees and the text the reader sees. In programs like Word and Pages, this can only be done by using the "comments" mechanism. Comments, however, can only (easily) handle a subset of the kinds of texts an author may wish to hide, and are not good for more than a few sentences. Scrivener is more sophisticated, without being more complicated. Read More
  3. Scrivener is Awesome (And So Can You!)
    10/07/2015   scriveneracademic tools

    Scrivener is worth every penny. In fact, it's the only piece of software I suggest students buy. Everything else I use is open-source. In this post, I'll list *why* I use Scrivener. In later posts, I'll provide more detailed instructions. Read More